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:::   PEP the Dragon © 2010 Patrick Thiel, Tomasz Piasecki   :::

Jump and run and blast your way through ten unique cartoon worlds filled with danger, treasure and magical spells in this classic platforming jump and run adventure! Help PEP the dragon to rescue his unicorn friend JOSY the unicorn from the evil clutches of PHOLON. Tilt (or use on-screen control buttons) to run and tap to jump and explore the magical worlds full of treasures and diamonds. There are also many different magic spells to collect and use: Ice line drawing, fireballs, rainbow rays, soap bubbles and a powerful magic guardian. Each will enhance your magic powers and help you defeat PHOLON's hordes of aggressive enemies. FEATURES: Classic jump'n'run platforming action, Beautifully rendered cartoon graphic environments and characters, 10 unique worlds to unlock, 5 magic spells: ice line drawing, fireballs, rainbow rays, soap bubbles and magic guardian, 2 control options: BALANCE (tilt device) or ARCADE (on-screen buttons), 12 original music tracks, High score ranking, Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, 4 languages: English, German, Spanish, French. Our team is working on more levels, adventures, features and game-modes to provide you with the most amazing jump and run experience on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! FREE UPDATES COMING SOON! Here are just some of the upcoming features: Play as JOSY, the magical Unicorn. New spells: Invulnerability, Invisibility, Magic Blast, Physic puzzles. Stage1: The dragon caves - Jump with Pep the dragon and explore the dragon caves. In this stage there are not so many enemies and dangers but already lots of treasures. Stage2: The crystal canyon - Run with Pep the dragon through a mountain area and try to find the magic spells. Stage3: Desert Canyon - Place Pep the dragon on elevators to cross higher areas. Stage4 - Elf's forrest - Run with Pep the dragon through a magical forrest area. Stage 5 - golden sea: Pep the dragon cannot really swim, so avoid the contact with the golden water. Stage6 - Stalagmite Valley - Pep the dragon goes underground. Watch out for bears and search for the secret treasure chamber. Stage7 - Windy fields - Wind doesn't help Pep the dragon to fly - but you can discover a lot of things here. Stage8 - Lightning Swamps - Swamps are always dangerous. Take care! Stage9 - Blue Beach - Pep the dragon will not have the time to enjoy the view over the beach. Watch for ghosts. They can fly through walls! Stage10 - Now Pep the dragon can smell the evil PHOLON. Help JOSY to escape asap cause she is locked in this dungeon for some time already... and keep moving cause PHOLON can't be attacked if he is invisible... Have fun with PEP the dragon!